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Roar from Zion (CD)

Author: Paul Wilbur

Product code: MC57

`Roar From Zion` was produced live from Jerusalem during Israel`s 70th anniversary.

Paul Wilbur partnered with young Arabs, Christians and Messianic Jews to create a sound so unique and fresh, you will find yourself listening to it  over and over again..

18 Track Disc, Running time: 1hr 24 min

  1. Prologue
  2. Roar From Zion
  3. Song Of Victory
  4. Adonai
  5. Elohim Forever Amen
  6. It Is Good To Praise The Lord
  7. Water
  8. The King Is Coming
  9. You Are Holy
  10. Your Love Is Far Better
  11. Invitation
  12. Even So
  13. Endless
  14. Jerusalem
  15. Oh We Praise
  16. 20 Years Ago
  17. Days Of Elijah
  18. Great Is The Lord (Hallelujah)

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Paul Wilbur

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