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Selah (Music CD)


Author: Paul Wilbur

Product code: MC58

Instrumental Worship CD

Having sold more than 3 million albums during his career, Paul Wilbur’s music and ministry has been embraced all around the world.

This peaceful, instrumental album contains 10 best loved songs, along with a bonus song, The Aaronic Blessing.  This song closes the album, with Paul singing this blessing over you in Hebrew and speaking it over you in English.

1.  Blessed is The Man

2.  Who is like You

3.  Awake O Zion

4.  Glory Come Down

5.  Blessed is He

6.  Call on The Name

7.  Forever Good

8.  Resting Place

9.  Shaddow of El Shaddai

10. Where Could I Go

11. The Aaronic Blessing

About the Author

Paul Wilbur

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