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Setting the Record Straight

Author: Eliyahu Ben-Haim

Product code: BT109

A historical, legal and scriptural rebuttal of the distortions, inaccuracies, half-truths, imbalance and insinuations in the anti-Zionist DVD "With God on our Side". This responds with the truth of the geopolitical situation and the Biblical imperative.

The question of Israel’s legitimacy as a nation in the family of nations is an issue that is being raised more frequently every day even in the Church. In many circles, present day Israel as a fulfillment of God’s prophetic word is denied as a false interpretation of Scripture.

This is a battle that is not going away but on the contrary will increase in intensity. In many ways the delegitimisation of Israel is an attack on God’s character, His Word, His sovereignty and His covenants. It really brings into question the truth of Scripture and God’s promises to us through His Son Jesus.

About the Author

Eliyahu Ben-Haim

A veteran immigrant from the United States, Eliyahu is the chairman and a board member of Intercessors for Israel. He is a member of member of Kehilat El Ro�i in Jerusalem and also has an international teaching ministry. Eliyahu has traveled extensively worldwide in prayer ministry, leading prayer teams to strategic places to defend Israel among the nations, open doors for evangelism and aliyah (Jewish immigration to Israel), and prepare the way for the Lord�s return. He distributes a newsletter called the Sound of the Shofar, whose purpose is to inform the Church worldwide about what is really happening in Israel and to call it to pray for Israel.