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Dr. Roy B. Blizzard, Jr. is the founder and CEO of, a corporation (based in Austin, Texas) dedicated to biblical research and education. Dr. Blizzard attended Oklahoma Military Academy and has a B.A. degree from Phillips University in Enid, Oklahoma. He has an M.A. degree from Eastern New Mexico University and an M.A. degree from The University of Texas at Austin. He studied at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and was awarded a Ph.D. in the general field of Hebrew Studies from the University of Texas at Austin in the spring of 1973. Much of Dr. Blizzard's academic career has been spent in Israel and the Middle East in study and research. Over the years, he has directed and guided numerous Historical/Archaeological Study Seminars to Israel as well as Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Greece and Italy. As a host of over 500 television programs about Israel and Judaism for various television networks, Dr. Blizzard is sought after as a frequent guest on both television and radio. Dr. Blizzard has served as an Adjunct Professor of Union Graduate School of the Union for Experimental Colleges and Universities in Cincinnati, Ohio. He continues to serve on various graduate student committees at the University of Texas at Austin for students working on their doctoral degrees. Dr. Blizzard was recently appointed as Associate for Development of the Nature Park & Galleries, the open-campus museum of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and will be working with the museum director, Dr. Jeff Camhi, in assisting in the promotion and funding of the museum.