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Crimes Against Humanity

Author: David Soakell

Product code: BT99

This gathering of written works was first written to coincide with the "Anne Frank In The World Exhibition", which was brought to the UK`s North East some time ago.

The author writes in the introduction:

"I have tried to probe the minds of victims who experienced this and to look through their eyes at a time of history which should never be forgotten - yet which continues even today.

I realise that no matter how hard I try, I will never be able to bring to life the real horrors that those people experienced physically, mentally and spiritually, but hope this work is at least thought-provoking.

My heart`s desire is that, from any aspect of this work, even one person`s conscience might be awakened to the evils that continue to face mankind today, and that that reality would show itself in a more compassionate and tolerant society, bringing peace and God`s love into our world of much need."

About the Author

David Soakell

David Soakell has been with Christian Friends of Israel (CFI) since 1986, an Area Representative since 1995, and full-time with this ministry since 2001. Apart from his role as CFI-UK Church Liaison Officer, David is also part of the Communications Department, writing the weekly CFI News Reports (Watching over Zion) for a worldwide audience.

As a young Believer in the 1980`s, David spent time with the Russian Underground Churches smuggling Bibles into what was then the Soviet Union, and later spent three years with Romanian Children`s Aid: helping children with AIDS in a Romanian Hospice. Since 1995 he has been working with CFI-UK, what he and his family believe is God`s calling on their lives, to work and help the people of Israel, along with edifying the Church.