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Paperback, 111 pages

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Short History of the Holy Land

Second Edition 2021

Author: Chris Mottershead

Product code: B431

This book is for anyone who wants a comparatively quick read on the background to the present day situation in the Holy Land.

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About the Author

Chris Mottershead

Chris Mottershead qualified initially as a teacher of Rural Science and later took a Diploma in the Teaching of Religious Education. From 1986-1990 he was Deputy Head of the Anglican International School, Jerusalem which caters for international students from all over the world and some local ones.

Between 2000-2005 he was principal of Tabeetha School in Jaffa, this being part of the work of the Church of Scotland's World Mission Council. It caters for the local Arab population with some international students. Both schools had Christian, Jewish and Arab staff as well as at least some pupils from all three backgrounds.