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The Significance of Biblical Prohecy

Author: Neil Mackereth

Product code: B476

SIGNS is an absorbing and accessible introduction to what the Bible teaches about the climax of history and the end of the world.

Arguing that contemporary events may be a fulfilment of Biblical prophecy, SIGNS contains compelling and sometimes startling illustrations from recent and current history, including today's war against terrorism.

This book, written in plain English, will equip and empower you to look for and understand the signs of the times.  It will: explain why we are blinkered to the amazing accuracy of fulfilled biblical prophecy; confirm that prophecy is being fulfilled today; and by extrapolation, show that we can be 'more certain' that prophecy will continue to be fulfilled until the very end of the age.

About the Author

Neil Mackereth

Neil Mackereth is a retired Brigadier with a background in communications and administration. He and his wife Jenny currently serve on the leadership team of Winchester Vineyard Christian Fellowship and are involved with various local, national and international compassion ministries. In recent years Neil has felt called to teach on biblical prophecy and eschatology and that calling led to the writing of this book.