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Paperback, 301 pages

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Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus

How the Jewishness of Jesus Can Transform Your Faith

Authors: Lois Tverberg, Ann Spangler

Product code: B395

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What would it be like to journey back to the first century and sit at the feet of Rabbi Jesus as one of his Jewish disciples? How would your understanding of the gospel have been shaped by the customs, beliefs, and traditions of the Jewish culture in which you lived?

Hear the parables as they must have sounded to first-century Jews; powerful and surprising. Join the conversations that were already going on among the rabbis of his day. Watch with new understanding as the events of his life unfold. Emerge with new excitement about the roots of your own Christian faith.

Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus will change the way you read Scripture and deepen your understanding of the life of Jesus. It will also help you to adapt the rich prayers and customs you learn about to your own life, in ways that both respect and enrich your Christian faith.

By looking at the Jewishness of Jesus, Ann Spangler and Lois Tverberg take you on a captivating journey into the heart of Judaism, one that is both balanced and insightful, helping you to better understand and appreciate your own faith.

A rare chance to know Jesus as his first disciples knew him.

About the Authors

Lois Tverberg

Lois Tverberg is the co-founder of the En-Gedi Resource Centre, an educational ministry with a goal of deepening Christian understanding of the Bible by teaching about its Jewish context. Through the books published she's shared her delight in digging deeper in the Scriptures with readers in over fifty countries and speaks in area churches near her home in Michigan, USA.

Ann Spangler

An award winning writer whose fascination with the Bible has resulted in books that have opened it to a wide range of readers, selling more than 2 million of them. she has held senior positions at two Christian publishing houses and now lives with her two daughters in Grand Rapids, Michigan.