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121 minutes

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Spiritual Warfare (CD)

Author: Johannes Facius

Product code: CDS53

Sometimes it is good and right that we be reminded that we are engaged in a spiritual battle when we pray, and that we need to take the whole matter very seriously. Johannes Facius brings challenge and encouragement in his teaching in this 2-part series.

The subject of prayer, and the way Believers should view and approach it, is so important that this kind of message is never dated.
  • Captain of the Lord`s Host (46 minutes)
  • Divine Procedure for Victory (75 minutes)

About the Author

Johannes Facius

Born in Copenhagen, in 1973 he founded Intercessors for Denmark which later became part of The International Fellowship of Intercessors (IFI). In 1985 Johannes became the international director of IFI and led this global prayer movement until the end of 1999.

After the death of Gustav Scheller, the founder and leader of Ebenezer Emergency Fund (EEF), Johannes stepped into the leadership of EEF to help facilitate the difficult period of transition. After 2 years of serving EEF, Johannes felt the Lord directing him to resume his original calling to Prophetic Bible teaching and Prayer ministry to Israel - the Body of Christ and to the nations.