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The Story of Israel's Economic Miracle

Authors: Dan Senor, Saul Singer

Product code: B453

Addresses the question: how is it that Israel - a country of 7.1 million, only 65 years old, surrounded by enemies, in a constant state of war, with no natural resources - produces more start-up companies than larger, peaceful, and stable nations?

Drawing on examples from the country’s foremost inventors and investors, foreign policy insiders Dan Senor and Saul Singer describe how the country’s adversity-driven culture, flattened hierarchies, and government policies create a society that uniquely combines both innovative and entrepreneurial intensity.

About the Authors

Dan Senor

Daniel Senor is an American writer and political adviser. He is most noted for his former position as chief spokesperson for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq. Since his Iraq service, he has been a Fox News contributor and a frequent contributor to The Wall Street Journal among other publications. He is married to television news personality Campbell Brown.

Saul Singer

Saul Singer, is an Adjunct Senior Fellow at IDI. A former Editorial Page Editor and columnist at the Jerusalem Post, he has worked as an adviser and staff-member in US government agencies.