As we look forward to a New Year and a New Decade, I sense that the Lord has much to achieve and that we must press on, expectantly asking for miracles, breakthroughs and opportunities to give him all the glory.

On a visit to CFI Jerusalem at the end of last year, we visited each of the projects under way throughout the Land of Israel. Our office in Jerusalem is mostly staffed with volunteers from many nations, but each of them is there ‘for such a time as this’. Almost every role possible is filled with the right person who has a real heart for every aspect of the work and, in particular, for the project they were working on.

Please pray for each member of staff and our office in downtown Jerusalem – that everything the Lord wants to achieve through CFI is accomplished.

One of the main projects is with Holocaust survivors, and is called Forsake Them Not. They are all now elderly, with very few friends or family members the same age. All survivors of the atrocities of the Holocaust have a unique story to tell, but the eight or so we visited in Israel this time were all from the Eastern bloc countries – like Latvia and Ukraine – and their stories are different. Nazi soldiers moved eastwards and south into central Europe, to rural communities and isolated forest villages, where they interned Jews in ‘forest camps’. Their numbers were not always recorded and their stories are often unheard. Some of the traumas are too awful to tell. But in their late 80s and early 90s they are strong, often resilient characters, whose lives had been shaped by these terrible things BUT every single one of them is grateful to God and recognised that his hand brought them to the land of Israel, where they and their families have been blessed with goodness and opportunities. Olga and Tanya, the project team, visit regularly and say there is a new, even supernatural, softening of hearts within the last year or so.

Thank God for these lovely people and these great testimonies and pray for them in their sunset years, for healing of memories and any bitterness but also for salvations and comfort and quality in their last years


CFI UK is busy with diary commitments for this year and we want to be faithful to the Lord and do his will.

Please pray that we all, whether trustees, staff, CFI Links or other volunteers, are able to hear from the Lord, above all the white noise of the world, and do as he directs. Pray for God’s ultimate protection and provision in all we do.

Please pray for great favour on the work of CFI in the churches of the UK. For a new openness and hunger for the truth – especially about the truths the Bible states clearly about Israel.

Pray too for more understanding and connections with church leaders – for hearts to be turned from antisemitism and replacement theology to a fresh understanding and love for Israel and the Jewish people.

Julia Soakell

January 2020