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Text and Context Session 11: Jesus and the Sabbath

Author: Desi Maxwell

Product code: MP541

Desi looks at the subject of rest encompassed in the term 'Sabbath' as applied to the weekly day, Sabbatical Years and the Jubilee Year. All point to the promise of a rest to come, but included are a place to live, a peace to enjoy, and a person to trust.

About the Author

Desi Maxwell

Desi grew up in Co. Antrim, N. Ireland. After studies at the University of Ulster, then Westminster and Princeton theological Seminaries, he entered pastoral ministry for seven years: three in Canada, followed by four in Belfast.

For the next twenty years he lectured at Belfast Bible College (and remains a senior teaching fellow), before seeking to bring the classroom to the living room through `Xplorations`, the ministry he co-founded and directs with his wife Heather.

He has studied at Dwight Pryor`s Haverim Schools of Discipleship and comes with his warm recommendation as a gifted teacher with his own unique presentation and introduction to Jesus in His Jewish world.

Click here to see an introductory video about Xplorations.