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Paperback, 259 pages.

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The Fiddle

Author: Natalie Cumming

Product code: B527

A true story tracing a precious violin across landscapes devastated by war and terror, to safety and restoration in 21st century Britain.

From Abraham and his family fleeing the Bolsheviks, whose skill on the violin earns them food and lodgings, to Rosa his daughter, arrested by the Nazis on Kristellnacht 1938.  The violin then passes to Rosa’s brother Israel, a celebrated musician, who joins ENSA during the war, entertaining the troops.  Finally, the violin comes to his daughter Natalie, who has written her family’s extraordinary story, lest the world should ever forget global events, against which the journey of this beautiful instrument is told.

About the Author

Natalie Cumming

Natalie Cumming started work aged 17 as a secretary at Gillette Industries. In 1970 she moved into merchant banking, as a personal assistant in the City of London with Lord Kissin of the Guinness Peat Group, finally working with Jacob Rothschild, Chairman of the Five Arrows Group, before retiring.

She became a Freeman of the City of London in 1983 and Member of the Guild of Freemen in 2003. After becoming a supporter of the Missing People Charity in 1986, she served as a Trustee from 1990 to 2007 and continues to be involved with them.

Natalie lives in Shropshire with her husband David. They have two sons, Richard and James.