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Softback, 150 pages.

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The Jesus You Really Didn`t Know

Rediscovering the Teaching Ministry of Jesus

Author: Andy Angel

Product code: B517

The problem with too much Christianity today is that we replace the person of Jesus with a doctrine of grace.

Living in denial of Jesus’ teaching on judgment and holiness, too many Christians take refuge from the sayings of Jesus in doctrines of forgiveness that they hope will bolster up their sense of self-worth before God. Andy Angel tackles this dysfunctional spirituality head-on, opening up the journey of learning and love into which the living Lord Jesus invites us all. Unpacking the Gospel of Matthew, he encourages us to rediscover the teaching ministry of Jesus in our own lives, and in doing so, to recover the riches and freshness of the gospel message and to rediscover the depths of love Jesus has for each one of us.

About the Author

Andy Angel

Andy Angel is the Vicar of St. Andrew`s Church, Burgess Hill, United Kingdom and was formerly a lecturer in New Testament at St. John`s College, Nottingham.  He is the author of Playing with Dragons: Living with Suffering and God (2014) and Intimate Jesus: The Sexuality of God Incarnate (2017).