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4-CD set

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CFI UK 2018 Annual Conference - The Place of Israel in God’s Purposes (CD)

Product code: CDS134

This CD set contains four informative, inspiring talks by the guest speakers at our 2018 Annual Conference, each of whom presented a unique perspective on the way in which God is working to achieve His purposes in the land.

Set of 4 audio CD`s recorded live in September 2018

  • Disc 1 - The purpose of Israel in God’s plan (Victor Kalisher) - 57 mins
  • Disc 2 - A place to meet the living God (Johnny Shahwan - 77 mins
  • Disc 3 - The presence of Aramaic Christians in Israel (Shadi Khalloul) - 79 mins
  • Disc 4 - The people of Israel in God’s purposes (Victor Kalisher) - 74 mins

Total running time: approx 4hrs 47mins.