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The Finger Of God

The Finger of God

When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have ordained … what is man that you are mindful of him? Psalm 8v3-4 

Do you know that the finger of God is mentioned about ten times in the Bible?

In Psalm 8v3 the writer, probably David, recognises the greatness of God, his creativeness and his awareness of all that is going on.  Just as Hagar realised he is the God who sees all things, El Roi (Genesis 16v13), we can trust God with everything.

As we pray about Israel, her links with the UK and the Balfour Declaration, and other great concerns about terrorism within the nations, and economic uncertainty, we can hold on to God’s promises and his faithfulness.

Below is the site in Shiloh (Jeremiah 7v12) where the finger of God literally wrote his name in the topography of the land. Because he is Sovereign, God can do as he pleases!

“It’s impossible for him to forget his Jewish people … God is concerned for his nation Israel, so much so that he has written his name – YHVH in the land there.  It is at Beit El (Bethel) that from space one can see God’s name written in the topography of the land - יהוה (YHVH - Yahweh or Yahveh). There are some places that one can’t adequately put into words.  There are some places that need to be seen, yet to remain silent and stand in awe of God.  This is such a place – Beit El – the House of God.”
(Excerpt and image taken from David Soakell’s News Report June 2015)

God`s name in the mountains of Israel

Pray for Israel’s borders and her protection at this time.

Pray that the Lord will expose vulnerable areas, such as new tunnels being built by Hezbollah in Lebanon, and by Hamas in Gaza, to penetrate the security of Israel’s borders.

Pray for the UK – her response to the historical promises made as a nation, and repentance for the fact that we didn’t keep our word. God takes seriously any promises and oaths that we take, as well as those that he makes himself.

Thank God that Theresa May has spoken several personal messages to the Jewish Community and has reiterated that the Government will not apologise for making the Balfour Declaration in 1917.

Pray that God gives her great resolve not to compromise on this and other Biblical issues, and that she stands with Israel.

Pray for those organisations and MPs who speak up for Israel and Jewish concerns here, that they will have godly wisdom, discernment and divine protection.

Julia Soakell
June 2017