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Through Hebrew Eyes (MP3)

Author: Marvin Wilson

Product code: MPS39

In this series of talks the author shares some very helpful insights. Looking at such important topics as the Lord's Supper, marriage and the family through Hebrew eyes, he gives a new appreciation of these key issues.

  • The Jewish Background to the Lord's Supper
  • The Jewish Concept of Education
  • Marriage and the Family

About the Author

Marvin Wilson

Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies at Gordon College, Wenham, Massachusetts, USA. His Ph.D. is from Brandeis University in the field of Semitic and ancient Near Eastern Studies. In 1971 he joined the Gordon faculty where he currently teaches Old Testament, Hebrew, Jewish history and culture, and modern Judaism. Presently, he also serves on the faculty senate.

Has authored or edited several books and also penned more than 200 articles or reviews in both scholarly works and popular periodicals. Four of his books deal with the relationship between Christianity and Judaism.

He served as an Old Testament translator and editor of the New International Version, currently the best selling Bible in the English speaking world. He also contributed the notes to two Old Testament books in the NIV Study Bible.

A frequent speaker in churches and synagogues, at conferences, and on radio and TV. He is actively involved in building bridges of understanding between Christians and Jews and in educating the Christian world in its Hebraic origins.