There is a Jewish tradition to make the world a better place – Tikkun Olam – which means “repairing the world.” In a quote from CBN, it’s thought that ‘Israel has provided humanitarian aid to millions of people in 140 countries through IsraAid.’

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In the Talmud Sanhedrin 37A it says, ‘Whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world’ – a quote often used when we mark the Holocaust Memorial Day. Respect for life and the sanctity of life is central to Jewish thinking and we may be able to prayerfully repair people’s thinking about Israel and the Jewish people as we share the benefits we have received as believers through them. We have a Jewish Messiah and a Jewish book, the Bible, which acts as ‘a lamp to our path and a light to our feet’ (Psalm 119:105). In our conversations we may be able to repair the damage of anti-Semitism or misunderstandings about the Jewish people and the land God gave to them, as recorded in the Book of Genesis. The whole concept of repairing is seen in Nehemiah in his determination to repair the walls of Jerusalem.

In the Book of Jude it seems that there was a need to ‘repair with the Truth’ and to ‘contend for the faith,’ as deception and false teaching had affected the believers. Thus it is no wonder that, after 2,000 years of Church history, there is such disturbing spiritual compromise and a need to continue ‘contending’ for what we were entrusted with as believers.

As those who want to seek to bless Israel and to serve the Church, in teaching about God’s purposes for Israel and the Hebraic heritage of our faith, we need to pray for an unswerving appreciation and study of the truth in the word of God – for all who call on the name of the Lord – and a real hunger for the word in all who minister too. Please pray specifically for your own fellowship or church and your leaders.

We are blessed now to have many sound books available to help any believer dig deeply into the Bible. We have books like those by Lois Tverberg*, which help us understand and grasp the revelation of the word of God in its first-century context. With everything we need to have ‘godly wisdom and discernment’ and not rely on our own thinking (Proverbs 3). We must test everything against God’s word and ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Lois will be speaking at various locations in June with CFI.

We can also pray that the value of worship and the word isn’t diluted – worship doesn’t just equate to music – indeed the Jewish mind set says that to study God’s word is the highest form of worship. Synagogues around the nations hold great respect for their Torah scrolls, and many of the casings for storing these bear the inscription “Know before whom you stand.” We can pray that our own fellowships and leadership have a reverence and awe for God and his word, and that none of us enter the presence of the Lord carelessly. In doing this we will ‘repair’ our own walk with God and be a blessing corporately to the Body of Messiah.  


Julia Soakell

May 2018

* Available through CFI website or phone 01323 410810.