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What Is The Biblical Hebrew Calendar?

Author: Rosemary Bamber

Product code: BT117

The Biblical Hebrew Calendar is the lunar calendar of the Bible and is used by Jewish people to keep the Biblical Feasts on the actual days commanded by God in Scripture.

This booklet has been written in response to those who say "We don't need the Biblical Hebrew Calendar now because we're not under the Law of Moses. Believers in Jesus are under grace, not under the Law".  It presents some of the benefits that accrue from an understanding of the Hebrew Calendar, essentially helping people to be 'biblical'  and then concludes by explaining why it is important for Gentile new-covenant believers to give attention to the Biblical Hebrew Calendar.

First published in 2013 by Rosemary Bamber.  Revised August 2016.

About the Author

Rosemary Bamber

Studied Theology at Avery Hill College, London and taught English to refugees and asylum seekers in the inner city. She studied Hebrew in Jerusalem and served at Christ Church and the Garden Tomb.