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Jerusalem - What LIES Beneath?

Jerusalem - What LIES Beneath?

As the United Nations has deliberated over the authenticity of Jerusalem in recent months, and made decisions based on untruths rather than the infallible word of God, we surely must be concerned that any doubt in the Jewishness of Israel’s capital has a bearing on the roots of Christianity.  But what lies beneath Jerusalem?  Well, more than ever we know that great historical treasures are being unearthed, shedding light on archaeology dating from the first and second temple eras.  Twenty-four feet underground, a cistern has been found that was provision for the dry season for the City of David (2 Samuel 5:8). First Temple period houses, royal seals (Jeremiah 36:10), Zedekiah’s Cave, the quarries of Solomon and lengthy Western Wall tunnels, to name just a few, shout out the undeniable fact that Jerusalem is entrenched in the history of the Bible, the Jewish people and our faith.    

But what ‘lies’ beneath these claims that Judaism has nothing to do with this great city?  The father of lies does!  More than ever before there is a battle for real godly truth.  We hear through the media about Fake News! Every pure aspect of God’s character and promises is set to be undermined by lies, and our prayers now must be that God himself exposes the lies and brings godly fear on those who shake their fist in his face. He will not be mocked and we must pray that we see the restoration of his name in all the earth, not for Israel’s sake, but for his name’s sake (Ezekiel 36).  

Pray into areas you are aware of where there is compromise with regard to truth. Pray for leadership in your local churches that they may have a real revelation of the Jewishness of Jesus (Yeshua).  Also pray that they will see the Hebraic roots of the Christian faith; the richness of the Bible as a Jewish book about a Jewish Saviour – who they esteem as their Lord.

Pray for supernatural connections with these leaders to Christian Friends of Israel, or to sound, godly men and women who can give a clear understanding of these things, and a hunger for the word of God – in Spirit and in truth – for all who teach, preach and lead in the UK Church

Pray that God reveals any anti-Semitism or anti- Zionism from their past, or any blockages to understanding.  The word of God is alive and sharp, likened to a two edged sword.  It is often the case that prayer for revelation is the best way forward – not continually asking that these leaders “read this book”, or hear our point of view about Israel. Leaving it to God means we leave our concerns in the best of hands.

Answers to prayer:

For the past six months, CFI’s David Soakell has been speaking around the UK on this subject.  He challenged many Christian audiences that if the United Nations agreed that the Temple Mount and the Western Wall were exclusively Islamic and had nothing to do with Judaism (as stated by UNESCO in their original resolution, which referred to the Temple Mount solely by its Muslim name of ‘Al-Haram Al Sharif’ and was approved by the UN at its 40th session last year), then they were declaring that the Gospels, and by implication all the New Testament, are untrue, inaccurate and full of fables. Proving through archaeology, and taking the audience on a pictorial journey through the Western Wall tunnels and the Southern Wall’s ancient steps that date back to Herod’s Temple and beyond, David enabled the church to see the importance of the truth, and why we need to act and pray against these actions by the UN in dismissing Israel’s biblical history.

Following this, in Brussels on 4th April 2017, UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova finally and firmly rebuffed any attempts to deny Jewish history connected to Jerusalem. In a unique statement at the ECI policy conference in the European Parliament.  She said that “in the Torah, Jerusalem is the capital of King David, where Solomon built the Temple and placed the Ark of the Covenant.”  Distinguishing between her role as the highest official of UNESCO and the resolutions passed by member states of the same organisation, she stated, “To deny, conceal or erase any of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim traditions undermines the integrity of the site, and runs counter to the reasons that justify its inscription in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The protection of the heritage of Jerusalem is part of a broader vision for peace and the fight against all forms of denial of Jewish history, delegitimisation of Israel and anti-Semitism.”  Thank you to all who prayed regarding this … It appears prayers have been answered!   (If you would like to read the full report on UNESCO, click here.

Julia Soakell
May 2017