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Paperback, 173 pages

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Where Are you My Child?

Author: Aliza Ramati

Product code: B102

A true story of how a young Jewish family escaped Nazi Europe only to be confronted by the British and the tragedy of SS Patria

"Where Are You My Child?"  is a deeply moving true story which takes place against the backdrop of World War II and the British Mandate in Palestine.  It is told from the perspective of Roni, an Israeli schoolgirl, who pieces together the dramatic immigration story of her great-grandparents' (Moshe and Shoshanna) for her 'roots' assignment at school.

She learns of their last minute escape from Czechoslovakia when it was already under Nazi occupation.  How, with their three-week-old infant, they were crammed into a rickety old boat named 'the Atlantic', carrying 1800 Jewish refugees...

As part of her research Roni listens to cassette recordings made by Moshe and Soshanna, who describe the horrors of anti-semitism, the great suffering of the so-called 'illegal immigrants', the internment camps and the separation of family members, but also the Zionist hope "to be a free people in our own Land"

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Aliza Ramati

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