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Why Israel? DVD + Study Guide

Author: Rev. Willem JJ Glashouwer

Product code: S11

The series Why Israel? explores the biblical significance of Israel and the Jewish people for Christians today.

Running Time: 260 mins

This DVD & Study Guide explores a biblical, historical and prophetic perspective of God`s work with Israel.  We see miracles happen in our days: the Jews returning to the Promised Land just as the Bible prophesied.  It brings to light that God has not forgotten the Jewish people and that Jesus is coming soon!

This new series of Why Israel? challenges the church to embrace and bless the Jewish people and the nation of Israel.  It also shows how Israel is a sign of hope to the world.

This series contains 10 chapters of approximately 25 mins each:-

  1. God loves Israel
  2. The Covenants
  3. Old Covenant, New Covenant
  4. Israel & the Church
  5. Anti-Semitism
  6. Israel & the Nations
  7. Jerusalem
  8. The Kingdom of God
  9. Jesus
  10. His Blood be on Us

About the Author

Rev. Willem JJ Glashouwer

Willem is the president of Christians for Israel International, an ordained minister of the Dutch Reformed Church and a former director of the Evanegelical Broadcasting Company in the Netherlands. He is married to Marianne and they have 4 children.