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Author: Steve Maltz

Product code: B490

- Why Does the World Obsess Over Israel?

There is a kind of inherited madness that affects many people.  It clouds their thinking, stimulates their emotions and often provokes them into action.  It`s a madness because there is no logic in it, no single justification for it, yet it speaks with a sinister elegance, often with disastrous consequences.  It is often denied because it can be clever at disguising itself.... It goes by the name of anti-Semitism.

The purpose of this little book is to expose the layers of hatred, as if peeling an onion, to shed light on the variety of aspects, scenarios and environments that this hatred has infiltrated.  We will be looking at: the British government, the Palestinians, the United Nations, the media, activists, academics, boycotters, some Jews (!), Jihadists, some Christians, neo-Nazis and Conspiracy buffs.  We will mostly be using independant news sources to stay as balanced as possible.

About the Author

Steve Maltz

A freelance web consultant, writer, blogger and the founder of Saffron Planet, the Christian web radio initiative. He is married with three sons and two freeloading cats and lives in East London.